About Us


About Us


Highest Annual Sales:

KampCo Foodsí initial restaurant located at May Avenue and Memorial Road in Oklahoma City set a record for the highest single day sales as well as highest annual sales of any Carinoís Italian Restaurant.

50 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies:

KampCo Foods, LLC has been named to the 50 fastest growing privately held companies for the years 2004, 2005 and 2006 and in fact for the year 2004 was named as the number one fastest growing privately held companies.


Johnny Carinosís has been named several times in the Daily Oklahomanís best restaurant category and in 2007 Johnny Carinoís Italian was named the BEST ITALIAN CONCEPT IN THE OKLAHOMA CITY AREA

Franchise Operator of the Year:

KampCo Foods, LLCís Director of Operations Michele Dickinson has been named the Franchise Operator of the year for all of Johnny Carinoís Italianís franchisees.

Sponsored Many Charitable and Civic Events:

KampCo Foods, LLC d/b/a Carinoís Italian has sponsored many charitable and civic events to support and benefit the people of the cities where they are located.